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Brand identity session

During the session, we will go through everything that makes your brand a brand – your vision, values and what makes your brand unique. We go further into your brand perceptions and personality creating your brand archetype.

Brand architypes give brands a character that makes them accessible and relatable to audiences who share those same values. After the session you will know exactly what your brand stands for, who your customer really is, and how you can differentiate from your competitors, enabling you to take your brand to its full potential.

Understanding your brand

Purpose, Vision, Mission,Values

Brand positioning

Audience Persona, Competitor research, Niche, Pain Points

Branding Elements

Archetypes, Personality, Language, Tone of Voice

Brand Communication

Name, Tagline, Key Messages
Brand design
branding board - creative assets

Once we have this all straight, we can then begin the design for the brand identity…

Colour Palette
Image Style
Graphics and Illustration

Alongside branding we can also support you with website design and social media strategy and design.

Refresh or rebrand

Rebrand? Brand refresh or redesign? Logo out of date? A rebrand or brand refresh will help you flourish. A brand refresh is a makeover for your company. Think of it like a personal makeover…a better haircut, up-to-date outfit, and new shoes that transform how a person is perceived. It’s the same with your brand. A refresh can keep or update recognised visual elements. Or a new look, tone and presentation of the overall style will bring fresh recognition. A brand refresh maintains a visual connection to how the brand identity was seen before. But the “new suit” makeover is up-to-date, vibrant and designed for today’s audiences.

Is a rebrand in your future? Is it time to focus around new products, services or audiences? To increase visibility in your market? To claim your position and rise above the competition? The rebranding process is not a simple, quick task. It demands time, attention and a deep dive into who you are now and how you want to be perceived in the future. Learn more about the branding process here. For proven experience and extraordinary creative work that demands attention and inspires response, talk to us about a brand refresh or brand redesign.