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Why Brand Strategy is Crucial for the Success of Your Coaching Business

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Coaching is an incredibly personal service. That’s why for coaches, perhaps more than many other professionals, it’s even more important that your potential clients quickly understand who you are, what sets you apart, why you matter, and why they should care.

When most coaches start their business they jump straight into tactics like creating a logo, website, and business cards. The problem is unlike the successful coach they focus on the wrong things and skip out on brand strategy to guide all of these business decisions. Successful coaches know without brand strategy it’s like building a house without a foundation.

why your brand needs strategy

Brand strategy is simply figuring out how you want people to feel about your coaching business in comparison to every other coach in your niche — to stand out and be noticed among the crowd.

Why does your coaching business exist? What change do you want to create in the lives of your clients?

How is your coaching business different from your competition?

What do you offer? What is unique about your offer?

Who will you offer it to?

Your brand strategy informs nearly every decision you’ll make in your business and most importantly, it’s the way you’ll make an emotional connection with your clients–it’s all the reasons why they’ll choose you instead of any other coach.

Command a Premium Price

Have a clear message

Attract Clients

Difference yourself

Looking your best

At Midnight Blue we have worked with lots of coaches, we love helping them with their brand strategy and then creating their personally tailored brand identity. 

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Coaching profile brand identity
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