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Better website for 2022

4 Tip to help your brand smash 2022

A brand strategy defines you, sets your apart from your competitors and showcases how you want customers to perceive you. It is important that all people within a company have clear goals and are following the direction, or mission that you have set out.

Making Sense of Your Brand’s Logo

Does your branding feel needy?

Is your brand feeling needy? Do you look at people’s Instagram feed and think why doesn’t mine look like that? Looking at a competitors website and wishing yours had better copy, brighter images and more diverse branding? Don’t worry this is very normal.

Branding mood board

What is a branding board & why do you need one?

The number one thing to think about when creating your branding guide is to think about where your brand lives. Will you have a website? An Instagram? PDF documents? Business cards? Letterheads? Bumper stickers? Billboards? Presentations? What are the most important materials you use for marketing and everyday business?

Coaching branding

Why Coaches Need Good Branding

Coaching is an incredibly personal service. That’s why for coaches, perhaps more than many other professionals, it’s even more important that your potential clients quickly understand who you are, what sets you apart, why you matter, and why they should care.