At Midnight Blue Marketing we bridge the gap between strategy and design. branding is the reflection of your vision & values for your business – let us help you build your brand


Defining your brand strategy first creates a strong foundation for your company. It is a plan on how to help your business connect with its audience. It includes your vision, values and audience. You must have a clear understanding of the problem your company is going to solve.


A Brand is a persons gut feeling about a product, service or organisation. It is the first impression someone gets of your company and you want that person to resonate with your brand if they are going to buy into it.


Stand out from the crowd with beautiful branding and inspired marketing that brings your product and service to light. From business stationery to social media templates we can keep your brand memorable and consistent.

What makes us different?

We individually offer strategy and design, but when combined we become a dynamic duo with strategy in every design and creativity in every plan. We pull in experts in other fields when required to ensure the best for your business. A brands vision & values are key to any strategy work we do. Have a look at our brand values below.


Creativity runs through everything we do from strategy to design. We are creative thinkers, we inspire, coming up with innovative and diverse ideas for each brand we work on, including out own!


Our clients treat us as an extension to their business and we believe in their company as much as they do and help them to achieve their goals.


While we are human and welcoming, we respect your business as we respect ours.


30 years combined experience in the agency world gives us the platform needed to run our own agency . We are always learning and won’t stop.


We can’t help but immerse ourselves in our clients business and only want to work with clients who feel the same.


We love inspiring and being inspired by local independent business from the local area that we know and love.

we are all about local

Midnight Blue is all about supporting local business. Much of our experience is with global brands but having lived in and around St. Albans nearly all of our lives we are both truly committed to the area and the local businesses that make it great. We have spent many a day with the our family at some of the wonderful local businesses; cafes, restaurants, farms and zoos, we love going to independent shops for a mooch, followed by coffee (or wine) at a local cafe or bar. Our new Instagram Suss Out St.Albans showcases the local area and some of our favourite spots, brands, shops and bars. It all about St. Albans and the surrounding area and features lots of lovely local businesses, sharing everyone’s wins and spreading the word. If you would like your business to be included please just drop us an email and we will get a post ready to promote your wonderful independent business.  Midnight Blue has plenty of local knowledge and we know where your customers are, this goes a long way when building a local brand.

We use local suppliers as much as possible, we believe in supporting other local businesses and through experience we know it works both ways. Local businesses form a significant part of the UK economy, they put money back into the community, strengthening the local economy and helping it continue to grow. Research has shown ( that for every £1 spent with an independent business, up to 70p goes back into that local economy, compared to just 5p if you shop online or with a big corporation. By shopping local, you’re not only supporting a local small business owner, you’re having a positive impact in the area you live, too.

Our printers, WordPress developers, copywriters, illustrators and photographers are all based locally. At Midnight Blue Marketing we can pull together a team of local experts to help craft your brand.